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Nursing Care
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The home provides residents a nursing service provided by a director, a manager, nurses, pratical nurses and resident attendants. A registered nurse is available 24 hours per day. A doctor performs medical visits regularly and is available on call.

The services of a pharmacist and of a nurse of the mental health clinic are available. Foot care service is available. The associated costs are the responsibility of the resident or his family.

Palliative Care
The nursing home provides palliative care. The healthcare team encourages the participation of relatives during this stage of life.

services image 02A consultation with the Extra-mural program professional team is available on request, in order to carry out evaluations; follow-ups are carried out by the rehabilitation attendant which is part of our team. The nurse initiates the request after medical consultation.

Food Services
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Food service aims to provide a pleasant and enjoyable meal service to all our residents as similar as possible to that of their home. The three main meals of the day are served in the dining room area which creates a warm atmosphere and also allows residents to socialize during mealtime. The meals served at the nursing home are based on regional dietary habits and also take into account our residents’ preferences, tastes and requests.

Dietary Services
Clinical nutrition services are offered to all residents to meet their nutritional requirements. All nutritional interventions meet long-term care dietary standards and are supervised by a registered dietician.

While following Canada’s Food Guide, the 3 week cycle menu takes into account the tastes and the preferences of the resident, food allergies and intolerances, therapeutic diet requirements and the presence of dysphasia. The menu is also modified on special holidays, during the local festival and according to the seasonal availability of food.

A nutritional assessment is made, following the admission, as well as regular monitoring to ensure that nutritional needs are met. The dietitian works in collaboration with the doctor, nurse and other members of the team to ensure a quality service. Diet changes are communicated to the resident, family, doctor and other staff as required. The dietitian works closely with the Lead Cook on the menu planning.

Recreation Services
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The activity coordinator, in collaboration with volunteers, organizes leisure and activities for all residents, in order to maintain a good quality of life. A monthly activities program is available in the multipurpose room / chapel. Family members and friends are encouraged to participate in these activities with the residents.

Pastoral Care
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Residents have access to chaplain services and to a chapel to fulfill their spiritual need. A mass is celebrated on site, once per month.

Maintenance Services Housekeeping
The housekeeping staff takes care of cleaning the rooms.

The home provides laundry services for residents’ personal clothing, which should be machine washable. Upon admission, a resident’s clothing will be labeled by the staff; any additional outfits should be brought to the nurse for labeling. We recommend that each resident have 7-9 outfits to ensure that he/she is always well dressed.

Maintenance and security
The nursing home maintains and repairs its equipment, buildings and property to ensure that the home’s environment is both attractive and safe. The maintenance staff can also take care of some minor repairs or adjustments of equipment required by its residents. All such requests must be made to the registered nurse. Fire practices are made monthly

Residents have access to the services of a hairdresser or barber in the room designed for this purpose. The associated costs are the responsibility of the resident or the designated person in charge. Opening hours and a list of associated costs are displayed outside the salon.